The process

So here is rough insight into how the pages are made:

First, grab the newspaper (or junk mail….)

Quickly spread with a not too thick layer of colours of acrylic paint and leave to dry. Just whatever colour comes out of the box is best – don’t think about it! I rarely use a brush – just squirt on the paint (not too much) and spread with a credit type card or my fingers. Leave to dry.

While waiting for it to dry flip through the newspaper until you find some words that make sense to you for today. Cut or tear them from the page.

Tear the painted paper into strips. Once again, don’t think about it – just tear……..!

Arrange on the page. I usually start with the edges – and then fill in the middle, but there aren’t any rules, so if I decide to do it differently today it all makes for variety!

I’m going to be stitching these pages shortly, so once I’m happy with the layout I remove the pieces carefully and gently spray the page with 505 temporary spray (it’s especially good for textiles – I’m very careful what I use and always do it in a well-ventilated place, just in case..).

Now the strips can be replaced – and left until I have time to stitch. I spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day being creative – sometimes that is all I have so will ‘bulk’ stitch several completed pages. You will know which they are because there will be more than one image on a completed post so that you can see the difference.

I have chosen zigzag stitch because a straight stitch is more likely to cause paper to tear. Part of the stitching challenge is to try and find a ‘route’ that will involve as few loose ends as possible. Personally I like to leave the ends hanging – on both the back and sometimes the front – but if you feel the need to trim them – make sure you pull them through to the reverse side first.

I hope you will give this a try – you don’t need a Filofax to use the same technique – but I’m thoroughly enjoying this process, and if nothing else, it’s a timely record of TODAY! To discover the background go here.

Filofax Art Journal

One comment

  1. Just an added note about the adhesive that I use.

    There are other temporary adhesives on the market – but the one I mention is the only one I can say WON’T ‘gum up’ the needle or sewing machine. Although I’m only using paper for this exercise I don’t want to ruin my machine with chemicals that are really intended for another purpose. You may have a different opinion and experience, but please take care.


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